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I consider Education as one of the greatest treasures of the human being, and I have had the privilege of working at all educational stages: from kindergarten to university, primary and secondary school; formal and informal spaces, teaching courses, seminars, workshops: in all cases, and with people of all ages, I have been able to live the most beautiful experiences I can imagine: teaching and learning equally, growing, sharing and rediscovering the world of music with total dedication, joy and renewed spirit.

That is why for me the teaching task, with its challenges and wonders, is vital in the development of my activity as a musician and as a choral and orchestral conductor: it is essential for continuous personal and professional growth.

I am currently a professor at the National University of Córdoba, in the careers of Choral Conducting and Musical Education.

Also every year, I have the joy of giving talks, courses, seminars and training for choirs, directors and music educators.


El poder de la música para una sociedad en armonía | Santiago Ruiz | TEDxCordoba
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